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Put the Power of a Former
Deputy District Attorney on YOUR Side

Choosing Chris Sohovich

to defend your DUI case immediately puts the knowledge, skill and courtroom experience of a former Deputy District Attorney and a former Judicial Law Clerk, immediately on your side.

During his legal career, Chris Sohovich strategically acquired particular knowledge and experience that makes him the best choice for anyone looking for an attorney to defend their DUI charge.

Chris Sohovich -

Former California Deputy District Attorney

Prior to becoming San Diego’s best DUI Defense attorney, it was during his time as a former leading California Deputy District Attorney that Mr. Sohovich obtained his first-hand inside view of the prosecution system. And as Mr. Sohovich can attest to... it is a ‘system’, and the attorney that does not have intimate knowledge and experience with it will likely not be able to reach the most favorable outcome for his/her client.

It was during his time on the ‘inside’ serving as a leading Deputy District Attorney where Mr. Sohovich learned valuable information regarding areas including what the prosecution will likely be looking for in your case, what their mind-set will be as they compile their strategy against you, where the likely weak-points in the prosecution’s case are or will be, and what it will take to bring your case to a winning end. The knowledge and experience as a former Deputy District Attorney Chris Sohovich brings to his client’s cases is unmatched.

Chris Sohovich -

Former California Judicial Law Clerk

Additionally, it was during the time he formerly served as a clerk working directly under a presiding Judge where Mr. Sohovich learned vital information regarding the mind-set of Judges that will be overseeing the judicial process of your case. Make no mistake, Judges are human and they have extensive power and control over the events which take place in their court-rooms.

An attorney that does not have the first-hand personal experience of having worked directly under, and having personally conversed with a Judge behind the closed doors of the Judge’s chambers, like Chris Sohovich has, can be at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to strategically maneuvering the steps and stages of your case in order to receive the best possible outcome. The first-hand knowledge as a former Judicial Clerk Chris Sohovich brings to his client’s cases is irreplaceable.

Chris Sohovich’s

Court-room knowledge, skill and
experience brings a powerful benefit to your case

Choosing an attorney with extensive knowledge, skill and experience in the courtroom, like Chris Sohovich has, is vital. Such courtroom expertise is beneficial for a few different reasons and brings powerful representation of your case at multiple stages.

During the early stages of your case, using his experience and knowledge to be able to quickly analyze the facts of your case and have a feel for how a courtroom scenario might play-out down the road, gives Chris Sohovich an advantage in strategically constructing an aggressive defense of your case. Should there be a need for Mr. Sohovich to have any negotiations with the person assigned to prosecute your case, the fact that that prosecutor will have knowledge of Mr. Sohovich’s courtroom skills and experience will have an effect on the process and outcome of those negotiations.

It’s human nature. There’s no way around it. If a prosecutor is at a point where he is negotiating with a defense attorney, if s/he is negotiating with a defense attorney with no or very little court-room experience, or a defense attorney who has a pathetic track record in the court-room, the prosecutor will be much less likely to ‘work with’ the defense attorney and go for the ‘win’ in court. However, if a prosecutor is in negotiations with an attorney with court-room skills and experience, the likelihood of a courtroom ‘loss’ can be a strong governing factor in the negotiating process and outcome of your case.

Additionally, if your case makes it to the court-room, actually winning a trial in the court-room is much harder than TV dramas portray. Windows of opportunity to object to something the prosecution might say or do, come-and-go in a matter of seconds. And if a defense attorney misses that window, the evidence against you can come in and additionally you may lose your chance to appeal that issue. Furthermore, choosing the right jury members is a science in itself and takes years to master. Strategically controlling all the elements and events which must take place during a trial is something very few attorneys understand. Chris Sohovich’s court-room skills and experience brings a power to the defense of your case.